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New Halo feature lets you see chart details within the app

The patient’s information can be pulled directly into the Halo app for easy messaging.


Patient-centric messaging is the latest tool from Halo, which gives staff the ability to connect patient chart details to a Halo message. You can soon skip the work of typing out a patient’s medical record number, date of birth and room number. With patient-centric messaging, these details can be pulled into a Halo message just like an attachment.

After a patient has been admitted, the location and demographic information will appear in the Halo patient list. Search this list to find and attach a patient to a conversation or add the patient to your personal Halo list for follow-up and easy reference.

Select hospital departments go live with the new tools on March 1. There is a short training video available on ALEC (HealthStream) on how to use Halo PCM. Just search for “Patient Centric Messaging” or click here to learn more.

Review the Halo Patient-Centric Messaging Tip Sheet to learn step-by-step instructions.

Be sure to watch for attached patient details in your Halo conversations beginning March 1. For questions regarding Halo PCM, contact [email protected].

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