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New badge level design to be unveiled on April 3

Come to the virtual Employee Engagement and Communication Fair at 3 p.m. to see the winner.

badge-levelsYou’re voting on the new VIA badge design and soon you’ll be able to see which choice won. The unveiling will take place during the Employee Engagement and Communication Fair at 3 p.m. Monday, April 3.

You can add the event’s meeting link to your calendar or find it at the VIA booth on the Employee Engagement and Communication Fair web page. The first employees to be eligible for the fifth-level badge have been invited to attend the reveal.

Asante Communications and Marketing senior graphic designer Darlene Purdy designed nine options to represent a recognition level “beyond the clouds.” HR’s Values in Action team narrowed the options to three and asked employees to vote on their favorite. (You can vote here until March 31.)

As a reminder, employees who receive a Values in Action card for exemplifying Asante’s Values of excellence, respect, honesty, service and teamwork receive a blueberry or gold berry applique to place on their ID badge. Employees who earn 12 berry appliques are upgraded from a white badge to one with a blue background. It takes 12 appliques to upgrade from a blue to a gold, and 24 to reach the cloud level.

Asante is adding a fifth badge level because the number of VIA badge appliques some employees received have exceeded the current highest badge level. The fifth level badge will be given to employees who have earned 24 appliques after reaching the cloud level.

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