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Medication shopping just got safer (and maybe cheaper)

MedSavvy, an Asante health plan benefit, has upgraded its site and mobile app to include safety and savings alerts from pharmacists.

MedSavvy is a pharmacist-run online service that helps you compare the prices and effectiveness of medications. It’s also an Asante health benefit. If you have not registered for MedSavvy, log in to your Regence account or the Regence mobile app, and click the MedSavvy link from your member dashboard.

When you search medication options, you’ll now see icons along with any safety, adherence or savings alerts. These icons will help you to identify whether it’s an urgent alert, a good savings opportunity or other reminder. These safety alerts are becoming increasingly important as we learn about contaminated medications in the supply chain.

An important feature of MedSavvy’s service are personalized medication alerts that their team of licensed pharmacists send out to MedSavvy users. These alerts provide background information and next steps to follow, as well as access to a licensed pharmacist should you have additional questions.

If you have questions, please contact Asante Benefits at (541) 789-4551.

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