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Mask mandate lifts .. but not in health care facilities

Hospitals and outpatient clinics must still abide by the state order for indoor masking.


The statewide mask mandate ended on March 12 for most indoor public spaces. While this marks a welcome milestone in the pandemic, masks are still required in health care settings. This includes hospitals, medical offices, urgent care clinics, dialysis centers and dental offices, according to the Oregon Health Authority.

Asante employees, patients, visitors and others who visit our facilities are required to wear a mask in accordance with state law and Asante’s universal pandemic precautions  policy. Asante will continue to have signage at entry points, and we will still enforce masking.

We recognize this will increase the already present challenges with mask requirements for our visitors and patients. When discussing the policy, please use Words That Work for hospitals and clinics. If the visitor or patient still does not wish to wear a mask, escalate these concerns up your chain of command. Please note that each instance will be handled on a case-by-case basis as we seek to balance infection control practices and our staff’s personal safety.

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