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Lots of changes on Asante Rogue Regional’s campus

Besides the pavilion construction, a host of other projects are happening, including expansion of the ED and cafeteria.


The new parking garage addition’s opening and valet’s move back to the front of Asante Imaging–Murphy are just two of many construction projects underway or nearing completion on the ARRMC campus.

Installation of a new exhaust system near the ED will mean hallway closures between the ED and X-ray starting April 5.

Here are updates to projects other than the new pavilion:

  • Addition to new parking garage (P1) is set to open April 16. All but the first floor will be open for parking.
  • Valet at Asante Imaging–Murphy is scheduled to move back to the front of Imaging on April 2. There will be five or six parking spaces created on the north side of the new delivery ramp, on top of the new diesel tanks.
  • The small parking lot at the back of Imaging is scheduled to return to physician parking April 26.
  • To accommodate trucks delivering large steel beams for the new pavilion, a second construction entrance is being created just to the south of the new parking garage.
  • Remodeling of ARRMC’s kitchen to accommodate the new pavilion is 95 percent complete. The flooring is being replaced, and new cash registers (four total) have been installed.
  • New spaces for blood drawing stations and file room are complete and occupied.
  • The first phase of the Emergency Department expansion — 10 new treatment rooms — will finish up June 16. The second phase, which will remodel the triage rooms and security office, is set for completion April 16.
  • Starting around April 5, a new exhaust will be installed down the hallway between the ED and X-ray. This will involve three to four separate containments.
    • Containment Phase 1 will close entry to the service elevator, dumbwaiter and linen closet for about a week.
    • Containment Phase 2 will close hallway entry to X-Ray 2 and double egress entry to the Emergency Department for three to four days.
    • Containment Phase 3 will block hallway entry to X-Ray 1 for one week.
    • Alternative routes will need to be provided for hallway traffic in and out of the back side of ED and X-ray. Elevator first-floor access will be turned off while work is performed.

Note: Some dates have been updated from a previous version.

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