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Leader spotlight: Mike Nunn to oversee primary care operations

After a broad search, Asante tapped Mike to become director of operations for the primary care division.

After a broad search, Asante tapped Mike to become director of operations for the primary care division. He, his wife of 26 years, and their four children in June moved to Southern Oregon from Redding. Mike comes to Asante from Adventist Health in Ukiah Valley, where he served as administrative director of physician and outpatient services. In that role, he oversaw operations of 24 clinics, launched several new business lines and improved quality scores. Before that role, Mike served as director of multiple units for Shasta Regional Medical Center, and as a professor at the ASPIRE Business Program at Simpson University in Redding.

Why did you decide to join Asante?
I had the privilege of having several options. I was looking for the right corporate culture and work/life balance. After talking to many people about Asante I felt that it had the culture I was looking for and offered hard, quality work while still allowing for personal balance. I have only been here for three weeks, but firmly believe I chose well.

What’s special about APP?
Engaged leadership — from providers to administration. The dyadic partnership philosophy is firmly in effect.

How do you define leadership and what is your leadership philosophy?
Leaders set the organization’s lid. They hold a standard whereby others are inspired to rise. They navigate complex scenarios and chart paths to success, from both an organizational and personal professional standpoint.

In terms of personal philosophy, I seek to add massive value to all those around me. My personal leadership ethos is derived heavily from John Maxwell’s work on leadership, “Success is when one adds value to themselves, significance is to add value to others.” As a leader I strive to be both significant and successful and reproduce those characteristics in those I lead.

As a child, what did you see yourself doing when you grew up?
Every vision I had as a child revolved around business in one form or another.

What would surprise people about you?
My diversity, from my career to my hobbies. In my career I have gone from a respiratory therapist to a business owner, from the director of cardiopulmonary to the administrative director of physician services. Uniquely, I was an adjunct business professor at Simpson University.

What’s the wisest thing anyone has ever told you?
This came from my great-grandpa who was from western Texas. He said, “You can’t push a string in the direction you want it to go, you can only pull it to where you want it to go.” This has helped in my 26 years of marriage and in parenting four children. I have also applied this in my leadership journey.

Hobbies: Motorcycles, fishing, flying, snowboarding, genealogy, travel

Favorite book: For business, “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.” For recreation, “The Lord of the Rings” series

Favorite music: American indie, pop, folk

Favorite hobby: Riding my R1200 GS motorcycle

Favorite animal: Dog

Mike Nunn

Mike Nunn


  • Bachelor’s degree: Business and human resources, Simpson University
  • Master’s degree: Business administration with a special concentration in health care management, Columbia Southern University
  • Other: AAS in respiratory care; license in respiratory care


  • Wife, Anita; children McKenzie, Jena, Joshua and James
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