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Leader spotlight: Lee Shapley, MD

After becoming vice president of Medical Affairs for AACH, the hospitalist now serves as AACH on-site administrator.

Dr. Shapley needs little introduction at Asante Ashland. He has been a hospitalist there since 2015 and served on a multitude of committees. In 2018 he was named vice president of Medical Affairs, succeeding Jamie Grebosky, MD, who took on a system leadership role. In June, Dr. Shapley was named administrator of AACH.

How do you see your new role? As administrator, I am the point person for medical services at Ashland. My priorities are quality, patient safety and patient experience. Some of these areas have overlap with Kristi [Blackhurst] and Amanda [Kotler], as they involve physicians, nurses and our hospital’s operations. On those issues, I see myself functioning as a collaborator.

How do you define leadership? In high school, I was taught to strive to be a “man for others.” (It was an all-boys school!) I think a true leader fits that mold.

What is your leadership style? I enjoy listening and collaborating with others. I do feel that everyone deserves to be heard, regardless of title.

How do you prefer to communicate? In person is best for me. I value the importance of body language as well as words and intention.

What made you want to move from medicine to management? I am a planner and have always played leadership roles in everything I have been involved in. It was natural for me to seek out these opportunities as I started my clinical career, and I have found satisfaction knowing that my actions here can help patients beyond those directly in front of me.

Who has taught you the most at Asante? It is hard for me to single out one person. I have learned from various leaders through the system: [Former CEO] Sheila Clough and James Grebosky, of course. I have also learned from my fellow clinicians, nurses, technicians and all the staff over the past five years.

As a child, what did you see yourself doing when you grew up? I was either going to be a paleontologist or a doctor.

What would surprise people about you? People are usually pretty surprised to hear that I was a professional modern dancer in New York City for about 12 years. I have certainly not followed a typical career trajectory.

Lee Shapley, MD
Dr. Shapley with son Jack and wife, Janine Twining.

What public figures would you invite to dinner party? I can’t say that there is a particular person, but I would see an ideal dinner party having representatives from seemingly unrelated disciplines: politics, science and the arts, for instance. I would be interested in hearing their perspectives on different topics.

Favorite movie: Anything by Akira Kurasowa

Favorite book: “The Baron in the Trees,” by Italo Calvino

Favorite music: I generally listen to independent music by bands such as Tame Impala, Courtney Barnett and Spoon

Favorite hobby: Golf

Favorite animal: Dog (specifically, pug)

What’s the wisest thing anyone has ever told you? “Don’t just do something, stand there.”

Lee Shapley, MD



  • Medical degree: Oregon Health & Science University
  • Residency: Legacy Internal Medicine program
  • Other: Bachelor’s degree in Latin, Dickinson College, Pennsylvania; postgraduate, special science program, University of Pennsylvania

Past job

  • Professional modern dancer, New York


  • Wife, Janine Twining; son, Jack


  • Ashland

Community involvement

  • Assistant coach for the Ashland High School wrestling team
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