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Leader spotlight: Kristi Blackhurst, RN

Blackhurst now oversees operations at AACH as well as ARRMC. Learn about her life, family and her leadership style.

Kristi Blackhurst and familyBlackhurst has been with Asante for 26 years — 15 of those in progressive leadership roles. This tenure has given her insight into all aspects of clinical and broader hospital operations. She now brings that vast experience to Asante Ashland as she assumes oversight of perioperative services, imaging, lab, nutrition, environmental services, security and facilities.

How do you feel about taking this role at AACH? I am honored to join the Asante Ashland family and I’m so excited to get to know the physicians and staff who make AACH such a special place. My first priority is to listen and to understand what is going well, and how I can best support the caregivers at AACH.

What benefits can Ashland departments expect? I think any time we can work together, across the system, everyone benefits. I am excited to facilitate strengthened collaboration and teamwork across the county and I know that both Rogue and Ashland will benefit from this collaboration!

Will you hold office hours on both campuses? Yes! I plan to be at AACH at least once a week in the beginning. I think that dedicated time on campus will be invaluable in making connections and building relationships. Once our new leadership team is stabilized, I will probably spend at least one day every other week at my Ashland office. That said, I am always available for video meetings and phone calls, as well. I think presence and accessibility are very important.

What is your leadership style? Visionary, coaching and participative. I value teamwork and collaboration and appreciate open, honest communication.
I love supporting my teams, and I think we are all stronger and more successful when we work together.

How do you prefer to communicate? I think email and texting are most useful, and you can always Doc Halo me if you need an urgent response!

What made you want to move from nursing to management? I never dreamt I’d ever leave surgery. I love the OR and will always feel like those are my people — my family. 😊 I loved being a surgical nurse. But, I had a good mentor who showed me how I could channel my love for my work and my team into serving them in a different way — to remove barriers and to help them to function at their highest capacity — and I loved it.

What makes for a good team member? Listening to understand. Willingness to compromise. Empathy. Honesty. Respect.

 As a child, what did you see yourself doing when you grew up? From as early as I can remember, I knew I wanted to work in a hospital. When I was little, I wanted to be a doctor.

 What would surprise people about you? I think people may be surprised to know that I’m a little shy and super introverted. 😉

Who is your role model and why? I don’t think I have just one specific role model, but rather I admire many people, for many different reasons. The qualities I admire most are honesty, compassion, gratitude, commitment and a humble spirit.

Favorite movie: “The Shining,” but I’m much more of a Netflix/HGTV/Food Network gal.

Favorite book: “To Kill a Mockingbird,” by Harper Lee

Favorite music: “Hipster Cocktail Party Radio” on Pandora

Favorite hobbies: Golf, travel and cooking!

Favorite animal: My dogs.

What’s the wisest thing anyone has ever told you? “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

Kristi Blackhurst, RN



  • MBA: The George Washington University
  • BSN: Oregon Health & Science University

Past roles

  • Director of Perioperative and Trauma Services, ARRMC (Endo, Pre-Op Clinic, SSU, Surgery, PACU, Anesthesia, Trauma)
  • Manager, ARRMC Surgical Services (Surgery, PACU, Anesthesia)
  • Clinical coordinator, ARRMC Surgical Services


  • Husband, John; stepdaughters, Jenna and Elissa; fur babies, Murphy and Millie


  • Medford, born and raised!

Community involvement

  • Governor-appointed Area Trauma Advisory Board Member
  • Surgery Center of Southern Oregon board member
  • Cardiovascular Institute of Southern Oregon board member
  • Board member-elect, Rogue Valley Manor
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