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Laurel Madrone steps down as leader of ARRMC Behavioral Health Unit

Madrone, who oversaw the BHU expansion and Sanctuary Model of care, is succeeded by clinical coordinator Andrea Goodboe.

After 18 years with Asante, including 10 as manager of Asante Rogue Regional’s Behavioral Health Unit, Laurel Madrone is leaving her leadership post at the end of this month. BHU clinical coordinator Andrea Goodboe succeeds her.

Madrone’s signature accomplishments were overseeing the expansion of the Behavioral Health Unit and bringing the Sanctuary Model of care to ARRMC.

Madrone began her career as a floor nurse in the BHU. She later became a charge nurse and then a part-time clinical coordinator for the unit. In 2011 she took on the role of manager. At the time, the unit was too small to accommodate the hospital’s behavioral health needs. The $6.8 million expansion relocated the unit from the second floor to the light-filled third floor and brought the number of beds to 24.

Working with former CEO Roy Vinyard, Madrone was instrumental in bringing the Sanctuary Model of care to Asante. Also called “trauma-informed care,” it holds that behavioral issues often trace back to personal trauma, which can help determine the patient’s treatment. As Madrone once put it: Instead of asking a patient what’s wrong with them, trauma-informed care asks what happened to them. That trauma-informed care model is now being adopted in other parts of Asante.

Madrone said she is stepping away from her role for personal reasons. “I really need a break for self-care and time to find out who I am outside of the job,” she said. “I am hoping to spend many days on the beach, exploring Oregon’s hiking trails and kayaking in Oregon lakes and streams. I am also planning a trip to Costa Rica.”

Madrone said she would like to return to Asante in some capacity. “I have always loved my work at Asante and I feel so supported here. This is a truly wonderful place to work so I look forward to returning.”

Andrea Goodboe assumed the role of manager of patient care services for Behavioral Health and Psychiatric Care units on March 15. She came to Asante in 2011 after working in behavioral health for Jackson County. She became a charge nurse a few years later, then transitioned into a supervisor role in 2015.

In her free time, Goodboe enjoys spending time with her husband and two grown children. She loves exploring the outdoors, reading and doing craft projects. An avid animal lover and owner of two dogs, she dreams of one day operating a sanctuary farm.

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  • Kitty Sallas
    March 30, 2021 9:21 am

    Laurel, you’re a shining star and will be missed. Kudos for listening to yourself and seeking solace in nature! You’ll find what you need in no time at all. I send you off with my very best! When you’re ready to return, (if you’d have any interest in the outpatient setting) note my email address! I’d love to explore a role for you within the ASPIRE programming when it’s up and running.


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