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Last chance to complete Employee Voice survey

This year’s survey offers a potential PEAK reward of $100 if participation goal is met by Monday, Aug. 24.

Participation has picked up for this year’s Employee Voice survey, but we still have a way to go to meet the 80% participation goal — and possibly earn a PEAK incentive.

Asante has gotten a small reprieve on the deadline. Instead of completing the survey by this Friday, employees will have until Monday, Aug. 24.

The email invitation contained a standard warning that it originated outside the Asante system, but be assured it’s legit and safe to open.

This is an important year for the survey, which gauges employee opinion on Asante as a place to work and helps guide leadership decisions. For starters, participation this year is now a PEAK incentive. If 80% of Asante employees take the survey, every eligible full-time employee stands to take home $100 if there is a PEAK payout this year. (Payouts are always up to the discretion of the Board of Directors.)

Second, this is a full survey, which means questions drill down to the department level. This deeper examination allows managers to learn what’s working in a given department, what isn’t, and to develop action plans based on employee feedback.

The invitation contains a unique survey link that you can access anytime from home or work. The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete and includes three open-ended questions that ask employees what they like about working for Asante, how to make Asante a better place to work and what specific actions they’d take to improve their work area or the organization.

Confidential responses will be tallied by Press Ganey so no one at Asante will ever see your answers. Because comments are transcribed word-for-word, however, avoid details that might identify you.

The survey is open to all employees who were hired before June 1, except providers, who take a different survey. Volunteers, students and contractors also are excluded. You will have a chance to review your department results when the reports are finalized later this year.

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