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Labyrinths help employees find their “center”

Labyrinths are meditation paths that are increasingly found in hospital settings for mind-body healing.

Calm. Peace. Serenity. Balance. These words convey a sense of being that may be difficult for you to achieve right now.

Asante encourages self-care practices that promote resilience and are personally meaningful and helpful to you. A labyrinth is made available for your use at each of our Asante hospital campuses to take time for contemplation and reflection.*

A labyrinth is a pattern of pathways that lead to a central point and back out again. They’ve been in existence for more than 4,000 years and involve spiritual practices found in nearly every major religious tradition throughout history.

Labyrinths are meditation paths and are increasingly found in hospital settings where their role in mind-body healing can be emphasized. They are provided for staff and guests as an evidence-based method to help reduce stress, improve quality of life, enhance creativity, increase focus, and allow an opportunity for self-care and rejuvenation.

The labyrinth offers a way of journeying to get centered; you need only bring your personal thoughts and spiritual or emotional needs.

We are all on a journey at the hospital and confronting medical crises which accompany various stresses. The goal is to allow yourself to journey through your feelings, thoughts, needs and wants in the circles, twists and turns of the labyrinth and trust that you get to the center and back out again.

We understand your experience is as much about your journey as it is about your destination. We hope your use of the labyrinth is helpful in inspiring hope and encouragement as you enter this winter season.

*The labyrinth at Asante Rogue Regional is currently unavailable due to construction.

Helpful tips for making use of the labyrinth:

  • Before entering the labyrinth: Collect your feelings and thoughts and consider a contemplative question, prayer, poem or image to hold in your mind.
  • Walking the labyrinth: Follow the path and as you concentrate on your steps allow the other issues to move out of focus.
  • In the center of the labyrinth: Sit or stand as you breathe and, in silence, reflect on your feelings.
  • Walking out of the labyrinth: Consider again the question, prayer or image with which you entered the labyrinth.
  • After the labyrinth: Try writing in a journal or talking about your labyrinth experience and what you discovered.
Labyrinth at Asante Three Rivers Medical Center
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