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Know Your Numbers extended

The deadline to get your biometric screening done has been extended to help employees access the cost-saving opportunity.

Are you benefit-eligible, on a Regence plan and want to earn the Know Your Numbers incentive? With on-site biometric screening appointments canceled until the COVID risk in Jackson and Josephine counties falls below “extreme,” rest assured there are options for you.

Option 1

Wait for a biometric screening. The deadline is now Jan. 31, 2021. When the COVID risk for both counties drops, new appointments will open in the online appointment scheduler. There are no appointments available right now in 2020. Watch for updates in MyHR, via email, the wellness blog and Asante News. Email [email protected] with “Option 1” in the subject line to be added to email updates.

Option 2

Get the biometric screening over the phone if you’ve had cholesterol and glucose labs done with your doctor in 2020 and you can see them in Asante MyChart. Email [email protected] with “Option 2” in the subject line, include your DOB, your phone number and time to call. Someone will call you to explain the next step.

Option 3

If you have lab results but your provider is not in the Asante Epic system, scan and email documentation to [email protected]. Results copied into the body of an email will not be accepted.

 The documentation must include:

  • Ordering provider name
  • 2020 date
  • Patient name
  • Date of birth
  • Cholesterol and glucose results

Option 4

Employees with lab results from 2020 who cannot access records in MyChart and have a provider not in Asante’s Epic system, use the PCP fax form.

Recommendations for success:

  • Complete section 1, give to your provider.
  • Request a copy and keep it. In case of a fax failure, you can resend.
  • Watch for an incoming patient message in MyChart, “healthy lifestyle assessment” in the subject line. This is the second step for KYN this year.
  • Don’t see your MyChart assessment within a week of your PCP faxing it? Email [email protected] with “Option 4” in the subject line and someone will follow-up with you.
  • Remember, the deadline is now Jan. 31, 2021.

Wonder if you’re done with 2020 KYN?

Open your MyChart account to check that both steps were completed:

  • For Step 1: Look under test results. If you see “POC Health Promotion Biometric Screen,” you have completed this step.
  • For Step 2: Open your messages, then look for “Healthy Lifestyle assessment.” Open it. If there’s a green check next to the questionnaire, you’re done. (Unopened messages disappear after 60 days.) If you don’t see the check, you have not completed Step 2. Email Health Promotion and put “Need Step 2 again” in the subject line. Include your date of birth and date of biometric screening.

This article has been updated from the original.

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  • My husband had his biometric screen done last month but the questionnaire is not in MyChart. The results of the screening are there, but not the next step.

    What should he do to make sure he has completed all of the steps?


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