Webinar: “The Shame Game: Overcoming Shame in Our Lives”

Holly Nickerson, DNP, vice president of Quality and Patient Safety, joins Shea Quinn to discuss this obstacle to success.


Holly Nickerson

As part of ABIDE’s Women in Leadership webinar series, Holly Nickerson, DNP, talks about her rise from CNA to executive — and the shame that can prevent achievement.

Nickerson joined Asante on the ground floor 16 years ago. As she continued her education (culminating in a doctorate degree in 2022), she steadily rose through the organization to become one of the system’s top clinical leaders.

Shea Quinn, APP patient experience and provider wellness program manager, will serve as host. A recording of the event will be posted and available for later viewing.

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“The Shame Game: Overcoming Shame in Our Lives”

This event has ended. To watch the recording click the button below.

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