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“Women in Leadership” webinar

Asante’s Amanda Kotler, Holly Nickerson, Andrea Reeder, Heather Rowenhorst, Kristen Roy and Staci Sparks share their advice on the journey and the destination.


Asante’s top women executives shared their journeys into leadership in a 90-minute webinar.
Amanda KotlerAmanda Kotler, RN, chief nursing officer

Kotler grew up in Keno, Oregon, population 1,000. She joined Asante in 2006 as a new nursing grad and rose through Asante’s leadership ranks to become the top executive overseeing nursing at all Asante hospitals.

She discusses the courage required to grow into leadership, the hidden benefit of regret, the power of authenticity and why grace is so important.

Holly NickersonHolly Nickerson, DNP, vice president, Quality and Patient Safety

Nickerson joined Asante as a CNA 16 years ago. As she continued her education (culminating in a doctorate degree in 2022), she steadily rose through the organization to become one of the system’s top clinical leaders.

She talks about how saying “yes” leads to growth (even when it’s scary); the importance of balancing work and life; respecting boundaries and why we should see our women co-workers as sources of strength instead of competition.

Andrea Reeder

Andrea Reeder, vice president and executive director, Asante Foundation

After serving as a development director for four years, Reeder was named campaign director in 2018, where she oversaw the foundation’s ambitious AsanteForward capital campaign. In 2022 she was promoted to the executive director position.

She share her thoughts on leadership and the advice she gives her daughters.

Heather RowenhorstHeather Rowenhorst, CPA, vice president, Finance

Rowenhorst joined Asante as a finance analyst in 2005. After completing an MBA and earning a CPA, she entered Asante’s leadership ranks, eventually becoming an executive in 2022.

She discusses why failure is good for learning and growth; leading with integrity, even when it’s hard; the importance of leading by example and understanding your leadership style.

Kristen RoyKristen Roy, JD, vice president, legal officer and general counsel

Roy joined Asante in April 2017 as the corporate compliance officer and transitioned to general counsel in 2018. Before joining Asante, she served as both in-house and outside counsel for health care organizations across the country. She is co-chair of Asante’s ABIDE steering committee.

She examines the importance of identifying core values in leadership – specifically, integrity when managing conflict; the power of collaboration and influence; and the very real challenges of working motherhood.

Staci SparksStaci Sparks, RN, vice president, Nursing

A former bedside nurse, Sparks has held a series of progressive leadership roles since joining Asante in 2008. She rose from supervisor to manager of nursing operations at ARRMC, to director, and in 2022 vice president.

She discusses the importance of values in leadership; the reason being service-oriented matters and that leadership often requires “running head-first into problems.”

This event has ended

Watch it in its entirety by clicking the link below.

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5 Comments. Leave new

  • Christine Briel-Smith
    January 6, 2023 10:54 am

    Please record this for later listening for those of us who have conflicting commitments. Thanks

  • Debbie Daggett
    January 10, 2023 8:33 am

    Will this be recorded? I have a conflict.

  • Stephanie Samuel
    January 18, 2023 2:02 pm

    This webinar was amazing!! So powerful and inspirational! What a unifying way to see how our positive responses to struggles in our lives can lead to great opportunities! And more peaceful lives, after the storms of course! Each beautiful leader has their own story to share and it’s very relatable. They truly share the same golden hearts as those of us at the bedside caring for our dear patients. And that really means a lot to me. Thank you for your lovely presentation and allowing all of us to see our leaders as you are today. I have so much hope for the future and for Asante.

  • Vicki Johnston
    January 18, 2023 3:20 pm

    This was an amazing way to spend lunch with such amazing women!! Thank you for your stories and your honesty, I feel honored to have had the opportunity to here your stories.


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