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Is too much screen time making you blue?

VSP, the company that administers Asante’s vision plan, now offers nonprescription blue-light-filtering glasses.

The pandemic has strained more than our patience — for many working hours on the computer, it has strained our eyes. Some people are looking for blue-light-filtering glasses to ease that strain.

Although ophthalmologists say there’s no better remedy than reducing screen time, the special glasses are increasingly popular. As a result, VSP, the company that administers Asante’s vision plan, has expanded its coverage to include LightCare, a plan option that offers ready-made blue-light-blocking glasses (as well as nonprescription sunglasses) instead of prescription glasses or contacts.

If you’re on the vision core plan, you can take advantage of this program every other calendar year; those on the vision buy-up plan can use the program every calendar year. To learn more visit VSP or call (800) 877-7195.

If you have any questions, you can email the Asante Benefits department or call (541) 789-4551. You can also submit a case in the Ask HR section of myHR.

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