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Introducing Journi, your place for help with all things health

The mobile app helps you manage your health care, medications, spending, billing and more in one place.

JourniAsante is committed to your health and well-being — which is why we’re offering Journi, which launches Sept. 29 for all employees and family members. Journi is a mobile-based platform designed to help you easily manage your health care.

With Journi, you get:

Everything in one place. Manage your family’s health information and history, including doctors, visits, claims, allergies, medications and more. Profiles are easily shared with family or caregivers.

Self-directed care tools. Find in-network providers, research and compare medications and more.

Finances, simplified. Make informed decisions with cost estimates, track deductibles and out-of-pocket max and manage your HSA account.

Personalized insights. Make healthy changes — or money-saving ones — with personalized insights that help you manage medication and improve well-being.

Real human support. Talk, chat or email with experts, when you need them. Care guides are available 24/7 to sort through medical bills, explain your benefits, help you find care and more. You can also connect directly with a nurse, health coach or pharmacist to ask questions, improve your well-being, find support or get expert recommendations.

Journi is not a substitute for MyChart, where you access your electronic health record, but rather a companion tool to help you manage all aspects of your health care. Use of the Journi app will be included in Asante’s 2021 wellness incentive program, so become an early adopter earn rewards.

To get started:
1. Text ASANTE25 to 84332 to download Journi
2. Use invitation code ASANTE25
3. Have your insurance ID handy to link your health plan for the best experience

Download detailed instructions on how to set up your account.

To learn more, call (855) 895-1158 or visit Journi.com/Asante.

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