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In times of trouble, this benefit may help

Those enrolled in the Asante Health Plan can make use of covered mental or behavioral health services.

depressionMost people need mental or behavioral health support at some point in their lives. Whether you’re among the estimated one in five people who experience anxiety, depression or a substance-use disorder each year, or have helped someone through a mental illness crisis, it may help to know that the need for treatment is common and increasing.

The Asante Health Plan prioritizes mental health as highly as physical health. A critical component to addressing mental health is overcoming the stigma often associated with seeking care. Talking about mental health care, recognizing that nobody needs to experience it alone, and familiarizing yourself with the resources available through the Asante Health Plan are all important.

Every month should be Mental Health Awareness Month. You’re encouraged to help yourself and others by taking steps to overcome the stigma associated with seeking mental health care.

It begins by how we talk about it. The words we use can affect how we view mental health and people dealing with behavioral health challenges. When we choose words that focus on the mental health condition, and not the person, we can help reduce the inhibitions preventing people from seeking support and treatment. And when we listen with empathy and keep our minds open about discussing mental health conditions, we can create further opportunities to expand awareness and improve health outcomes.

You can find a behavioral health self-assessment flyer and a flyer on the differences among behavioral health providers on Asante.org/employee benefits.

Asante employees and their dependents who are enrolled in the Asante Health Plan can get mental health and behavioral health services covered through the medical plan. The cost is based on the medical plan option you’re enrolled in and the provider used.

You can search for providers through Regence:

  1. Sign in to regence.com.
  2. Select Find a Doctor.
  3. Choose a search category, such as Doctors by name or Doctors by specialty.
  4. Type in your search term, then hit Enter or click the magnifying glass.
  5. Choose a filter to narrow the results according to distance, gender, languages spoken, and more.
  6. Select a provider or location name to see more details and review comments from other patients.

To learn more, email Asante Benefits or call (541) 789-4551. You can also submit a case in the Ask HR section of myHR.

Community support

Josephine County Mental Health, (541) 474-5360

Jackson County Mental Health, (541) 774-8201

Klamath County Mental Health, (541) 883-1030

National Suicide Hotline, (800) 273-8255

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