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Mail Tribune: ICU nurses describe battle against COVID-19

ARRMC’s Holly McEwan and Josh Eckroth share the reality of being treated for severe COVID-19.
ICU nurses Holly McEwan and Josh Eckroth. Photo by Jamie Lusch.

You’re given drugs to deeply sedate you and paralyze your muscles, a ventilator tube is snaked down your throat and your eyes are taped shut so you don’t scratch your corneas while you lie for 16 hours a day on your belly in the intensive care unit.

One catheter collects the urine from your body, while a rectal catheter catches diarrhea.

Nurses try to regularly reposition your ventilator equipment so you don’t get bed sores on your face. As your body fills with fluids, you bloat and become unrecognizable.

Full story and video interview with ICU nurse Holly McEwan »

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