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How to prepare when wildfires encroach

Asante’s emergency preparedness team and county agencies offer tips to lessen your risk.

The recent fires have devastated Southern Oregon. To help you keep your home safe, Asante’s emergency preparedness team, along with agencies from Jackson and Josephine counties, offer advice on how employees can protect themselves, their family and property.

To prepare it helps to remember the phrase, Ready, Set, Go.

Get ready:

  • Remove dead plants, grass, weeds and wood piles from around your home.
  • Make sure your house number is visible from the street.
  • Assemble an emergency supply kit for each person in your household. Include important documents.
  • Create a family communication plan that includes evacuation and contact information.
  • Create a “wildfire action plan” that includes the family communication plan, emergency notifications, shelter options and evacuation routes.
  • Keep your vehicle filled with gas.

Get set:

  • Move barbecue propane tanks away from structures.
  • Make sure pets and livestock are ready should you need to evacuate quickly.
  • Have a photo ID with you in case you need to access an evacuated area.
  • Monitor local TV, radio and internet sites for updates.
  • Sign up for a citizens alert for notices of mandatory evacuation.


  • Leave your house lights on and windows closed.
  • Let your emergency contacts and family members know where you’re going.
  • Leave immediately! If you delay, emergency teams may not be able to rescue you once the fire has reached your neighborhood.

Asante’s mass-communication alert system will be used only if an Asante facility is threatened. For all other notifications, sign up for citizen alerts through Jackson and Josephine counties. Phone, email and text notifications will provide information about evacuations and other related news.

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