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How cooperation is helping when AACH’s census is high

We hope these volumes continue, and even grow.


If you work in clinical care you’re probably aware that Asante Ashland has been seeing a lot of patients recently.

We hope these volumes continue, and even grow! Rest assured, we are working hard to provide support with this surge in patient. But this increase in our census keeps our skills sharp, helps our health system by easing chronic bed shortages and — most important — serves our community. Our patients are our hospital’s lifeblood, and over the past few weeks we’ve seen how our hospital has risen to serve them by going above and beyond.

Here are just a few ways nurses, providers and other staff members are adjusting workflows and processes to manage these volumes:

  • The daily huddle now takes place over Halo to improve efficiency and escalation on pathways.
  • Departments are collaborating to manage patient care and bed capacity.
  • Staff from ARRMC and ATRMC have floated over to support AACH, a testament to teamwork across our system.
  • Employees are picking up extra shifts and coming in on their days off. (We can’t thank you enough for this.)
  • Hospitalists are helping each other manage patient volumes and ensuring patient admissions.
  • The Emergency Department is boarding patients.

Each one of these steps has required dozens of people performing hundreds of tasks to make them happen. This takes incredible teamwork, respect, excellence, service and honesty, which just so happen to be Asante’s Core Values. Thank you for living up to those values and for setting an example for others.

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