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How ARRMC’s new build is taking shape

A floor-by-floor guide to services.

It’s Asante’s most ambitious building project since the opening of the North Tower. Although construction will continue throughout this year and most of 2023, it’s a good time to take a peek inside the plans.

The new build, floor by floor

The architects are using the valley’s landscape to guide the design of each floor. You’ll see these motifs in the wall colors, flooring and architectural embellishments.

  • Respiratory therapy
  • Central sterile processing
  • Equipment and bed storage
  • Mechanical room
  • Pneumatic tube system
FIRST FLOOR — Operating suites (map)
  • 20 operating suites (four cardiovascular, two hybrid, one flex, two robotics, two trauma, two neuro, three ortho, three urology, one ear, nose and throat)
  • Two sterile core areas
  • 23 PACU rooms (post-anesthesia care unit)
  • Seven pre-anesthesia holding rooms
  • CT scanner
  • Lobby/admitting
  • Gift shop and coffee bar cafe (ARRMC’s main cafeteria will remain where it is and serve both buildings)
SECOND FLOOR — Interstitial space
  • The floor contains some mechanical equipment.
  • The ceiling is shorter to ensure the heights of the pavilion and North Tower are even.
THIRD FLOOR — Coronary care (map)
  • 24 CCU beds (a net gain of eight beds)
  • Will connect with Cardiovascular Recovery on 3 Tower
  • Shell for future 16 beds
  • Nourishment center for snacks and beverages
FOURTH FLOOR — Critical care (map)
  • 16 IMCU beds (a net gain of three beds)
  • 24 ICU beds (a net gain of nine beds)
  • Nourishment center for snacks and beverages
floor-5FIFTH FLOOR — Women’s and children’s (map)
  • 11 labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum rooms (three water birth, four antepartum)
  • Two C-section suites
  • Three C-section prep/recovery rooms
  • Five OB ED rooms
  • 32 NICU beds
  • Lobby and Resource Center
  • Nourishment center for snacks and beverages
SIXTH FLOOR — Women’s and children’s (map)
  • 20 postpartum beds
  • 16 pediatric beds
  • Pediatric oncology
  • 20 private postpartum rooms
  • Five pediatric outpatient infusion and exam rooms
  • Lobby and visitor lounge
  • The main hospital entrance (Entrance A) will be on the new building’s west side.lobby
  • Imaging will be located in the hospital’s south end (Entrance B) off Barnett Road.
  • A new central utility plan will occupy the old imaging space near Murphy Road.
  • Patients will park in the new P1 garage; employees in the original P2 garage.
  • Elevator A will be inside the new building; tower Elevator A becomes Elevator F (think “F” for “food” — visitors will use this elevator to access the cafeteria).
ARRMC construction
Building by the numbers

323,600 sq. ft. of space
47,000 cubic yards of soil
11,000 yards of concrete
410,000 sq. ft. of slabs
18,000 sq. ft. of walls
3,370 pieces of structural steel weighing 2,675 tons

Early staff involvement

April 2022 – Construction begins to join pavilion and tower. Gift shop moves next to Pear Blossom Cafe.
June 2022 – Imaging moves to former Radiation Oncology space.
July 1, 2022 – Central utility plant build begins.
August 2022 – OR waiting room, Short Stay Unit renovations start.
July 2023 – Staff training in pavilion begins.
October 2023 — PAVILION OPENS!

Cost: $455 million

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  • Kandy Schweer
    April 28, 2022 9:13 am

    Will the current kitchen be providing food for the patients or is there going to be another kitchen staff to do that?

  • What an incredibly ambitious project. Way to go, Asante! I cannot imagine the work that has gone into designing and building this project. Again, I am very proud and honored to work for an organization that puts so much effort into my community. Thank you!


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