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How a Grants Pass vaccinating team turned a traffic jam into an opportunity

Asante hospitalist David Candelaria, MD, was part of a team on its way to Grants Pass from a COVID-19 vaccination clinic when an accident stopped traffic. Instead of wasting the vaccines they had in their vehicle, the team got busy.

Photo from Josephine County Public Health

About 20 health care workers in Josephine County were heading back to Grants Pass from a vaccination clinic at Illinois Valley High School when an accident on the snow-covered Highway 199 halted traffic. The six doses they had left were threatening to expire the longer they were delayed.

So the team, which included Mike Weber, director of Josephine County’s public health department, and David Candelaria, MD, the county’s public health officer and a hospitalist at Asante Ashland (pictured on the left), got an idea. They knocked on the windows of parked cars and offered to vaccinate the occupants on the spot.

Read the story in the Washington Post

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