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Health Care Week 2023: Let’s dance!

APP clinic also features skeletons! Submission deadline extended to May 12.

APP–Orthopedics and Sports Medicine: The clinic earns their dancing bones with this creative take. Dancers are Craig Meaders, Brandon Atha, Susan Roberts, Tracy Stewart, Susan Bates, Barbara Sullivan and Amy Jarvis. Lending their hands for tech were Charles Martinez, Keileah Hayes and Sam Aviles. Great job, folks! Join the Facebook group to watch the video and vote!

There’s still time to participate in the Health Care Week dance contest. Asante teams, work groups or departments are invited to create their own 15-second to two-minute team video showing off your moves. The submission deadline is midnight on Friday, May 12.

Choreograph or freestyle and choose any music you like. Entries that include this year’s theme of “Recover, Reconnect, Reimagine” will receive bonus points.

You’ll post the video to a private Facebook group and employees will vote on their favorite. In your post make sure to include your name, your team members’ names, and the department and facility in which you work.

The deadline for submissions is May 12. The winning team will receive a pizza party or catered lunch at their Asante facility.

Here are some guidelines:

  • The team video must include dancing and feature at least two Asante employees.
  • It must be no longer than two minutes.
  • Choose music with appropriate lyrics (no foul language, cultural insensitivity or sexual innuendo).
  • Make sure no patients are in the background or protected information is visible.
  • Comply with Asante’s social media policy.

If you prefer not to post using your Facebook account, you can email a link to your video along with the information about your team to [email protected].

Questions? Contact Shirleen Holt, senior communications specialist.

Communications and Marketing kicks off the contest with a remote-team version of “Happy.” Watch Cathy Noah, Matt Axness, Harrison Bent, Grant Walker, John Rotheray, Shirleen Holt, Darlene Purdy, Ann Marie Riggs and Sheri Croy.

Upload your team’s video here!

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