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Google Chrome now Asante’s default browser

Asante is now supporting Google Chrome, a fast, more secure browser that works easily with many platforms.

Last week, Asante ITS began installing Google Chrome on every computer systemwide. Chrome is now Asante’s default browser which means internet links will automatically open in Chrome.

Click on image to get a tip sheet and more.

Some of the benefits of Chrome are:

  • Higher speed. Processing information and web pages is much faster in Chrome than in other browsers.
  • Better security. Chrome uses advanced technologies like site isolation, sandboxing, and predictive phishing protection to keep you safe from security threats.
  • Stored browsing history: Forgot the address of a helpful website you visited days ago? You can easily find your recent browsing history. Previously loaded sites are listed and sorted by the date you visited them last.

To get started with Chrome, simply double-click on the Google Chrome icon on your computer. If you need a certain website to open in Internet Explorer every time, ITS can help.  Please submit an incident on myTECH using the following steps:

  1. Go to myTECH. (The self-service portal also can be found myAsanteNET or the Web-Based Apps folder).
  2. At the top, click Help & Services.
  3. Click Create Incident.
  4. Fill out the form, providing the name of the web page and the link or address, such as “asante.org.”
  5. At right, click Submit.

ITS has already deployed it on over 1,000 computers and has received positive feedback on the new browser.

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