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Foundation TV spot carries a message of hope

Behind the blueprints and construction of the new regional cancer center are stories of real people facing the challenges of cancer.

“Building Hope,” a TV ad commissioned by Asante Foundation, began airing this week on local channels. The spot aims to generate awareness of the proposed regional cancer center in Medford and support for the foundation’s AsanteForward campaign.

The commercial carefully depicts the everyday struggle of a local cancer patient, and how the community’s support can help build hope and make patients’ lives simpler. The piece uses a construction motif signifying Asante’s active building to illustrate the sense of relief that the cancer center will provide for patients.

Behind the scenes
It was important that this campaign felt real and represented the life of a cancer patient in Southern Oregon. That’s why you’ll probably recognize some familiar faces.

The lead actor, Kendall, is a real-life cancer survivor who was cared for by the teams at Asante and Hematology Oncology Associates. She shared her experience and the everyday activities that became a challenge for her during treatment, which inspired each scene of the commercial.

Kendall’s husband, Fily, and daughter, Sofia, make an appearance, too. Acting as a foreman, Fily leans in to buckle Sofia’s car seat when Kendall is too weak. Fily is part of the Asante family, working as a patient care supervisor at ARRMC.

Megan, the forewoman pictured next to Kendall in the infusion chair, is one of the compassionate nurses who works in Asante Infusion Services. She spends her days alongside patients and intimately understands the challenges they face during treatment.

Community members and Asante employees can learn more or donate here.

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  • Wow! That is an awesome commercial. I appreciate how it demonstrates some of the struggles cancer-fighting patients endure. I am proud to work for Asante. We do care about our patients and this ad reflects that.

  • That commercial was so powerful. Thank you!

  • Brought tears to my eyes. I am a six-year melanoma survivor. It was such a joy to help break ground for the Cancer Center.


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