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Forum Q&A for Asante leaders, Feb. 22

Key takeaways from the regular online leader forum. Bookmark this page for future reference.

Watch a recording of this forum »


This month’s forum departed from its usual format to focus on inspiration, hope and how Asante is planning on hiring and keeping the workforce of the future.

“In our world there’s just so much chaos it’s easy to get trapped in a cycle of hopelessness and despair. This risk of this is that each of us could start to believe that there’s no way out. Then we have collective despair that affects our employees.

“Hope is often associated with this idea of butterflies and unicorns, but it’s not. Hope is learned. We develop a hopeful mindset when we understand that while what we’re going through will be difficult and not enjoyable, if we want to cultivate hopefulness we need to be flexible, persevere and look to the future. Our hope today is to take a step back from logistics, focus on our future, focus on our amazing leaders and how we will rebuild our future.” — Amanda Kotler


The Asante Employee Retention Committee and its subgroups shared the work they’re doing to keep new hires as well as retain longtime employees.

New leader hiring

  • Comparing labor resources (temporary, on-call, benefitted, etc.). Leaders will receive guidelines to evaluate needs.
  • Exploring more possibilities for remote work. A toolkit and guidelines for evaluate remote positions are forthcoming. Under consideration: Measuring productivity and team dynamics.
  • Setting standards on equitable promotion and transfer criteria.
  • Developing accurate job descriptions for use in interviewing candidates. This will help ensure the candidate is aware of the expectations and culture. Staff may be engaged in helping create these one-sheets.

Employee onboarding and training toolkit

Some of these steps will be required:

  • Pre-hire welcome from leaders.
  • Welcome videos from preceptors, leaders and HR business partners.
  • Welcome packets.
  • Developing a 30-, 60- and 90-day success plan.
  • A resource page for new hires.

Rounding and employee connections

  • Rounding on individual departments will be done in teams with employees weighing in on what makes a good leader.
  • Lunch-and-learns for leaders will foster collaboration and help develop partnerships across departments.
  • Leaders can mentor one another, learning and sharing best practices.

Rewards and recognitions

  • Staff interviews during rounding will yield insights on what motivates employees to stay.
  • Monetary incentives.

The leaders featured in this video earned some of the highest scores in the Employee Engagement Survey.


Jen Perry, director of ATRMC Imaging, Radiation Oncology, Cardiopulmonary and Sleep Lab, shared how her team managed to raise their employee engagement scores in 2021, despite a downward trend nationally and within Asante.

After the 2020 survey revealed that her teams wanted to be involved in decision-making, better recognition and useful feedback, managers and supervisors developed some strategies:

  • Leader development classes.
  • More frequent rounding.
  • A rounding toolkit with general questions and a log of all the comments provided.
  • Closing the loop by returning to the teams to discuss what had been accomplished.
  • The department’s employee engagement scores rose on both the team and leader index and overall engagement.
  • The concerns from 2020 did not reappear in the 2021 survey.

Perry emphasized that supervisors and managers served as “force multipliers” to ensure that the teams’ concerns were addressed and communicated.


The annual Employee Engagement Survey will be canceled for 2022 to allow leaders time to develop action plans from the 2021 survey. It was determined that gathering more information while still working on responses from the previous survey would not be fruitful.


From ATRMC CEO Win Howard: “In honor of president’s day and today, 2.22.22. Second president John Adams said: ‘If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.’ You matter greatly. Our workforce looks up to you greatly. You are part of the heart and soul of who Asante is. It’s never been about our buildings or awards, it’s always been about the people.

“Yes, we are going through tough times and I personally wouldn’t want to be anywhere else and it’s because of you. I’m reminded of something Christopher Reeve said years ago: ‘Once you choose hope, anything is possible.’”

Attendees were asked to share their gratitude in the chat.

Draper, Joanne: I had dinner with my ex work wives from TRMC.

Brewer, Susan: My first grandchild was born!

Mortonson, Beth: I’m gonna be a grandma!!!

Weymouth, Stephen: Daughter starts at OSF today.

Forester, Katie: My son’s birthday!! 2/22/22… 13 yrs old. 🙂

Hill, Jared: Daughter got accepted to the college of her dreams.

Brown, Roxanne: Reading this chat, seeing you each share the love and helping each other. And Taco Tuesday, thanks for the reminder Joah!

Nikola, Christy: Doing something normal like drinks with friends after work.

Sorenson, Sherry: Rain and a little white stuff.

Meyer, Paisley: Hiring an experienced RN into the unit. 🙂

Gulino, Sarah: Hearing some very nice feedback from a nurse about our pharmacy team at Spears. 🙂

Murphy, Brian: Elsa puzzle with Maddie!

Crowl, Garrett: Snow and healthy kiddos!

White, Robert: Went to American Ninja Warrior gym with kids.

Elkinton, Sarah: Getting matching tattoos with my sisters to honor my dad who passed away this summer.

Kotler, Amanda: Takeout Tuesday for me!! Yes!

Nikola, Christy: Taco Tuesday and National Margarita Day.

Williams, Kelly: Having the opportunity to collaborate with amazing leaders like Mike and Matt. It’s an honor to partner with y’all.

Storey, Aaron: Finished the nursery for baby due next month!

McEwan, Matthew: Beach trip with the family.

Lorenz, Alicia: This meeting! so inspiring!!

Coffey, Erin: I had coffee bought for me! It was amazing!

Williams, Jenna: The travelers telling us what amazing units and staff we have.

Susi, Jennifer: I woke up healthy!

Floyd, Mandi: Surprise token of appreciation from a co-worker.

Walker, Grant: I learned to play the Star Spangled Banner on my guitar,

Latusick, Mike: My RT staff is AMAZING!

Whitt, Joah: Taco Tuesday.

Frederick, Kristi: My physical health is looking up. 🙂

Winner, Carrie: Had a wonderful lunch meeting with the RC leadership team. Great conversation with Great people!!!

Desilva, Jackie: My daughter has developed the term “I need a Mommy Moment” to tell me she wants to snuggle! I love it!

Everhart, Berit: My heater is finally getting fixed. Woohoo.

Pinkerton, Emily: Beach trip with my husband.

Kotler, Amanda: Lev .❤️

Marks, Jennifer: Being told I was a good boss. It felt good.

Mortonson, Beth: Seeing firefalls at Yosemite.

Jackson, Kaylea: My 8 year old made 3 baskets at her basketball game on Saturday. So proud of her as a first time basketball player. 😍

Bates, Susan: Nice dinner out with a dear friend

Jones, Ryan: My daughter turns 12 tomorrow!”

Meyers, Carson: New employee training up well!

Dedrick, Nicole: Kids are healthy  and back to school today!!

Q. What are your top healthy heart tips?
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