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For healers who may need healing

Asante Provider Wellness Program aims to prevent burnout and improve satisfaction through personalized support.

Practicing medicine can be stressful in even the calmest times. Add a global pandemic, an aging patient population and health care’s shifting landscape, and the pressures begin to mount. As has been reported, Asante Physician Partners is taking steps to the ease the way for providers through its Asante Provider Wellness Program.

This physician-led program offers tools, resources and personal support to physicians and advanced practitioners to help them avoid burnout and thrive in their profession. Its philosophy is that a healing health environment for patients requires a wellness environment for the providers who care for them.

The program is led by Barry Egener, MD, a semi-retired internist and former medical director of the Portland-based Foundation for Medical Excellence. He joined Asante to help establish a well-being program specifically for providers.

“The most important determinant of organization culture is its clinicians,” Dr. Egener said. “I get to support Asante’s clinicians.”

Dr. Egener offers personalized coaching and support along with family medicine physician Sue Hagar, MD, emergency medicine physician Gary McCalla, MD, and neonatologist Katie Townes, DO. Jennifer Nidalmia, who leads Asante’s Resiliency Program, serves as a clinical practice adviser.

You can learn more about the program and contact these providers on the Asante Wellness intranet page.

“Well-being in the Time of COVID-19”

This webinar addresses how the pandemic has affected provider well-being and suggests “micropractices” to alleviate its effects. Open discussion is encouraged.

Wednesday, March 3
7:30 to 8 a.m.

Join meeting
Or sign into WebEx
Meeting ID: 187 074 6388
Password: wellbeing

Friday, March 5
12:30 to 1 p.m.

Join meeting
Or sign into WebEx
Meeting ID: 187 821 1693
Password: wellbeing

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