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Engagement mini surveys reveal the state of our workforce

Engagement scores have fallen, but retention efforts have ramped up.


Results are in from the first two “micropulse” surveys designed to measure employee engagement. About half of Asante’s workforce completed the 10-question surveys, sent out in November of 2022 and in January of this year.

On the question of engagement, employees were asked if they:

  • Would recommend Asante to family and friends who need care.
  • Would stay with the organization if offered a similar position elsewhere.
  • Are proud to tell people they work for Asante.
  • Would recommend Asante as a good place to work.
  • Would like to be working at Asante three years from now.
  • Are satisfied overall.

The engagement index is lower than past years, due in part to pandemic-related stressors, staffing shortages and other factors. Asante’s overall engagement score was 3.79 in January, down from 3.83 in November. The year-end target is 3.9.

“The results are disappointing, but not entirely surprising,” said Robert Begg, vice president of Human Resources. “We knew it would take time to recover from the organizational effects of the pandemic. That’s why we’ve redoubled our efforts to retain our valued employees.”

Additionally, employees were asked four questions about their leaders and teams:

  • The person I report to treats me with respect.
  • I respect the abilities of the person to whom I report.
  • The person I report to is a good communicator.
  • I am involved in decisions that affect my work.

The results from these questions were better across the board, with communications and decision-making showing positive movement from the last full survey conducted in the fall of 2021.

Retention work gets turbocharged

Last year, Asante embarked on a large-scale initiative to encourage employees to stay with the organization. Led by the systemwide Asante Employee Retention Committee, the project involves leadership at all levels along with new incentives and recognitions.

That work is just beginning to roll out. It has included:

Other incentives, recognitions and communications are in the works, including Asante’s 2023 virtual Employee Engagement Fair in April (featuring 18 Asante leaders and 15 departments) and one of the largest Health Care Week celebrations to date, planned for May.

A third micropulse survey will be sent out in April. The annual Employee Engagement Survey, which drills down to the department level, opens the first week in July. Participation in that survey is especially important to help leaders gain more detailed insight into what’s working and what isn’t. The last mini survey will be delivered in October.

Employees also will have an opportunity to provide feedback and share suggestions to improve the culture of the organization during the virtual Employee Engagement and Communication Fair. Look for the “My Voice Matters” booth to take advantage of that opportunity.

“Asante has always had a reputation as a great place to work,” Begg said. “I’m confident that we will emerge from this period stronger than ever.”

To learn more or share your thoughts, email my************@as****.org.

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