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Employees represent the best about Asante

Community lives here at Asante through the actions and words of our employees.


With the end of 2020 about two weeks away — an occasion many of us are sure to celebrate — it’s a good time to reflect on a year that has brought Asante closer together as a community and family.

Two major incidents are representative of who Asante is as an organization and how our employees live our Values: First the pandemic and then the wildfires.

The pandemic created new opportunities for Asante and our employees to come together like never before, to face unprecedented challenges and to achieve incredible feats.

As an organization, the hours devoted to COVID-19 are countless, as are the challenges we faced and the accomplishments we achieved.

When hundreds of thousands of PPE were needed on a moment’s notice, Materials Management scoured every resource known to humankind to get it.

When emergency childcare was needed for employees, Human Resources immediately formed partnerships with three YMCAs.

When the order came to work from home, ITS made sure more than 1,000 employees were properly equipped to work remotely within just weeks of the order.

When hundreds of community members needed to be tested for COVID-19, our Laboratory team set up the first mobile collection site in Oregon.

When visitor restrictions went into place, Infection Prevention and Marketing collaborated on hundreds of signs within days to keep employees, visitors and patients safe.

And when elective surgeries and procedures were put on hold, Asante paid more than $2.7 million in administrative pay to avoid furloughs and layoffs of nearly 2,000 employees.

The list goes on, and it’s a long one.

Then in September, wildfires swept through Ashland, Talent, Phoenix and Eagle Point, destroying thousands of homes, including those of about 80 Asante employees.

The response by our Asante family was immediate and overwhelming. The love, support and generosity shown to our coworkers was nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Here are the results of what your gifts and efforts accomplished:

  • $132,000 in relief funds from Asante Foundation to 129 employees
  • Over $10,000 worth of gift cards from Asante to displaced workers
  • 300 shifts covered by 200 employees
  • $40,000 donated by employees
  • 1,401 ETO hours donated by employees
  • Fresh produce and flowers for fire victims
  • Hundreds of employees and their families volunteering at the Smullin donation center
  • Construction of an RV park to house displaced employees

No doubt this year has put us to the test and because of you, we are all #AsanteStrong.

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  • Russ Hearing, Chaplain
    December 15, 2020 8:51 am

    “Better Together” delivered like never before. The Asante family compassionately and selflessly stepped up. Leadership anticipated needs in remarkable ways. Screeners, switchboard, security, and EVS endured as job tension increased. Numerous stories about how caregivers sacrificed self to provide quality health care to every patient, every time. I am blessed to work for, and with the people of Asante.

  • Beautifully recapped & framed in a positive way by highlighting what went RIGHT this year. Thank you! It’s so easy to focus on what went wrong. Having an attitude of gratitude for the good byproducts that produced the best of humanKIND, stepping up and workin hard: helping one-another. #AsanteStrong indeed! Kudos everyone.


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