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Employee wellness: When you need some help during the recovery

Asante’s growing wellness resources for employees and providers aim to encourage self-care.


Fifteen months have passed since the COVID-19 pandemic reached Southern Oregon, and nine months since the devastating wildfires. No Asante employee was untouched by these “twin disasters,” and recovering from months of disruption and personal stress may require some help.

That’s where Asante’s wellness programs come in. Over the past several months, new wellness programs, services and benefits have been popping up with regularity throughout the system, and existing programs are evolving to meet the needs of the moment.

To help employees take care of themselves, here is a rundown of self-care benefits currently offered and where you can find them.

Personalized Wellness Plan

Asante Health Promotion always has offered one-on-one coaching, but now the program is structured more formally and with integrated scheduling in MyChart.

Certified health educators/coaches work with you directly and help you find the resources you need, whether you want to lose weight, be more active, sleep better, eat more healthfully or destress. The program can involve a single coaching session or, if you’re at a high risk of developing a chronic condition, up to eight sessions a year. Get started »

Wellness webinars

Asante’s longstanding beWell employee wellness program turned it up a notch this past year with weekly 30-minute educational and instructional webinars. Subject-matter experts presented live on pandemic-era topics such as managing stress, sleeping better, coping strategies and remote work. Many of these webinars have been recorded for viewing anytime.

Beginning this month, Asante Health Promotion is bringing back its popular Preventing Snaccidents series. In eight videos, a health educator, dietitian and taste-tester will recreate recipes from fad diets. Watch the teaser »

Provider well-being

APP has developed a program exclusively for providers, many of whom have faced increased challenges brought by the pandemic. Led by physicians, the Provider Wellness Program features live, CME-eligible webinars, personalized peer support and coaching, resilience strategies and more. It also has a dedicated website within myAsanteNET. Go there »

Covered benefits

Employees enrolled in an Asante Health Plan have lots of resources available to improve their health and well-being.

  • Regence Empower is an online interactive platform that supports your healthy lifestyle and behavior change goals.
  • Livongo Risk Prevention classes are offered to employees at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes or other chronic conditions.
  • Livongo Medical Weight Management gives you the tools to lose weight and lower your body-mass index.
  • Livongo Diabetes helps you manage your diabetes or prevent Type 2 diabetes if you’re at risk.
  • Employee Assistance Program, administered by Uprise Health, provides counseling, crisis help and peer support as well as work-life balance solutions.
  • MyStrength is an online program that helps you cope with depression, anxiety, stress and more. (If you are signing up for the first time and are prompted for an access code, enter 10017473.)
Preventing workplace violence

The stresses of the pandemic — from visitor restrictions to mask requirements — continue to set people on edge, creating a greater risk for violence in Asante facilities. The system’s Workplace Violence Prevention has established a zero-tolerance policy on any kind of workplace violence and offers education, resources and coping strategies to employees subjected to abusive language or behavior. It has also published tips on de-escalating conflict. Find content on the Workplace Violence Prevention website on myAsanteNET. Go there »

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