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Employee Health resumes annual N95 fit-testing

Employees who treat COVID-19 patients must wear a properly fitted respirator. Employee Health will help.


To align with recent CDC guidelines and return to our annual fit-testing protocols, Asante Employee Health has begun fit-testing employees required to use N95 respirators when treating COVID-positive or COVID-symptomatic patients.

Additionally, our supply chain for N95 respirators has increased significantly over the past few weeks and we have greater confidence that we can return to the 3M 1870 N95 as our approved standard mask.

Our backup supply of 3M 8210 N95s will also provide a significant majority of employees with a properly fitted, well-designed and comfortable mask for use when working with patients.

Under our approved prioritized department list, fit-testing and transitioning back to the 3M 1870 N95 mask is currently underway in our emergency departments and urgent care clinics. The next steps to fit-testing the remaining departments will include:

  • Sunsetting the use of the current standard Gerson N95 mask as the supply dwindles.
  • Scheduling and coordinating with department managers to fit-test within their departments.
  • Offering a “train the trainer” option in fit-testing. Employee Health has designated equipment to check out to departments that may want to proactively fit-test their own staff. If interested in setting up an appointment for “train the trainer,” contact Employee Health to coordinate the training and use of equipment.
  • Identifying fit-testing sessions and locations at all three campuses published over the coming weeks for those who may miss their department’s scheduled testing times.
  • Scheduling employees who want to fit-test with our staff at the Employee Health offices.

This effort also encompasses updating employees who were fit-tested in 2020 and getting them back on an annual fit-testing schedule.

If managers would like to proactively schedule a specific department for fit-testing, or if you have questions or need clarification on this plan, please email [email protected] for follow-up.

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