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Effective discharge starts on admission

As our EDD efforts evolve, communication is essential.


dischargeOn Jan. 10, expected date of discharge (EDD) became a hard stop for admitting providers. EDD is critical to reducing length of stay and supports a safe, effective and timely discharge for our patients.

It is the provider’s responsibility to estimate upon admission when a patient will be discharged from our facilities. This requires multidisciplinary and ongoing communication regarding the goals of care and any barriers to timely discharge.

As such, we are asking nursing staff to complete the following upon admission and each shift:

  1. Communicate the EDD to the patient and family and assess for any immediate patient/family concerns or barriers. Document delays in Epic.
  2. Mark the EDD as reviewed in Epic.
  3. Start working through milestones and identify barriers to discharge.
  4. Collaborate with the multidisciplinary team on issues that may impact EDD.

EDD is an evolving process, and we’ve learned much in recent months. Nursing leadership is working closely with our physician leaders to develop a collaborative process that supports safe, effective and timely discharge for our patients. We will continue to provide updates about process.

Please continue to share feedback with your leaders about opportunities. We are grateful for the support in providing the highest level of care for our patients.

On Jan. 24, “EDD review” will appear on required shift documentation for the nurse.

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