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Earn extra dollars with interactive health program

Regence offers the online program to employees and spouses enrolled in the Asante Health Plan.

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Employees and spouses enrolled in the Asante Health Plan can earn $75 or $225 in HealthEquity contributions by completing a Regence Empower interactive program by year’s end.

If you’re enrolled in the Asante PPO Health Plan, you’ll earn a $75 contribution upon completion. Those enrolled in the Asante Savings Health Plan or the Asante Reimbursement Health Plan can earn a $225.

Rewards are deposited within six weeks of program completion and will appear in your HealthEquity account as an employer contribution. Make sure to enroll no later than Nov. 15.

When you enroll, you’ll set a goal and identify healthy habits that will help you practice certain behaviors to reach that goal. There is an optional assessment halfway through the program, as well as a required final assessment to complete the program.

The deadline to complete your interactive, self-guided program is Dec. 31. Here’s how to enroll:

  1. Sign in to regence.com.
  2. Click Regence Empower.
  3. Open the menu and click on Self-Guided Programs.
  4. Find and enroll in an Interactive Program, which is identified by a red badge.
  5. Over six weeks, log your healthy habits, track your progress, check out the recommended resources and complete a final assessment.

Interactive programs that qualify for the incentive include: Improving Your Blood Pressure, Managing Your Stress, Improving Your Sleep, Achieving Your Healthy Weight, Maintaining Your Healthy Weight, Building Resilience, Enhancing Your Physical Activity, Nutrition for Better Health, Quitting Tobacco, Staying Tobacco Free, Improving Your Oral Health and Financially Fit.

Earn more: Take the online health assessment

Be sure to also complete the 10-minute confidential health assessment through Regence Empower before Dec. 31. You and your spouse can both earn an immediate $25 Amazon.com gift card upon completion. You can find the assessment on Regence Empower.

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