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DNV surveyors are headed our way — we got this

This is a recertification year for our accreditation, which means on-site surveys. We are ready.


This is a DNV recertification year, so Asante will be having full onsite unannounced surveys at all three campuses any day now. We are ready. Thank you for completing your priority rounding on your units.

When DNV shows up at our front door the accreditation team will gather and guide surveyors through our three hospitals and possibly a couple of off-site clinics.

Many areas of the survey will focus on infection prevention; our policies, protocols and procedures; medication management; restraints; COVID-19 response; PPE and patient safety.

If a surveyor approaches you, don’t worry, DNV surveyors are very collaborative. Introduce yourself. Be friendly and honest. No need to debate a finding and if you don’t know the answer to a question; you can look up a policy or ask your leader for information. This is your chance to impress the surveyor. Explain what you do and how great you do it. It makes a positive impression to share how you take care of our patients.

The DNV accreditation is a way to look at an entire facility to ensure patient care standards are being met. It is a good thing to know our non-conformities and opportunities for improvement. There are going to be adverse findings or deficiencies, and that’s OK. I like to view them as an opportunity for improvement. Surveyors have fresh eyes and will see things differently than those of us who are there every day.

Our DNV surveys will be a congenial process and not punitive. Positive feedback will be given, and they will recognize excellence that they see. Surveyors like to call those noteworthy efforts. Let’s make sure to tidy up our departments, clean out refrigerators and make sure we don’t have expired items lying around our units. Thank you all so much for everything you do for our patients every day.

Email AsanteDNVAudits if you have any questions.


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