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Dance video contest: We have a winner!

ATRMC Imaging “Dance Party” took first place out of 10 finalists.

More than 100 employees (plus three dogs and five children) participated in Health Care Week’s dance contest, showing off their moves, their creativity and their teamwork.

Of the 10 finalists, ATRMC’s Imaging Department emerged as a clear winner and will receive a team pizza party! A whopping 21 staff members took part in the dance, which was organized by Taylor Joncek.

The Imaging team brought in the most combined votes on Facebook and the Survey Monkey poll for their spirited, unchoreographed dance to “Cotton-Eyed Joe.”

Participants were Angela, Baylee, Maci, Chrissy, Austyn, Trinity, Jen, Mark, Nancy, Ken, Wes, John, Danielle, Dee, David, Mary Beth, Michele, Kenny, Steven, Taylor and Kelsi. Congratulations to you all!

Earning second-place bragging rights (and our nod for most creative) was APP–Orthopedics and Sports Medicine in Ashland. The 21-member “skeleton crew” moved to Justin Timberlake (“I got this feeling inside my bones”) in a clever play on their medical specialty. The team also incorporated this year’s Health Care Week theme of “Recover, Reconnect, Reimagine.”

APP–Family Medicine on State Street in Medford also got ambitious. Not only did their team of staff members and providers include choreography and a focus on the theme, they danced to three different songs.

A huge thank you to all the teams that participated in this contest. You helped make Health Care Week even more special.

Thanks to all the other finalists

Spears Cancer Center Radiation Oncology

Stephanie, Leslie, Christy, Marie, Nianna, Christiena and Chris.

APP-Family Medicine, State Street

Lisa, Nikki, Maria, Jennifer, Diane, Behnaz, Craig, Tasha, Liz, Sabrina, Sarah, Sherry, Mark, Peter, Kathy, Danielle, Kayla and produced by Izzi.

ARRMC Pediatrics

Katie, Hannah, Zack, Jenn and Maddy.

ATRMC Resource Management

Bonnie, Jackie, Ashley, Susan, Debbie, Theresa, Sheri, Bonnie B., Danny, Mayra, and Karli.

APP-Orthopedics, Ashland

Angela, Baylee, Maci, Chrissy, Austyn, Trinity, Jen, Mark, Nancy, Ken, Wes, John, Danielle, Dee, David, Mary Beth, Michele, Kenny, Steven and Kelsi.

Cardiovascular Institute “Rhythm Queens”

Mardi, Teri, Colleen, Carol and Krista.

ATRMC Patient Access

Barbara, Angela, Kate, Marilyn, Teri, Jennifer, Sarah and Tashia.

ARRMC Inpatient Behavioral Health

Martusha, Jenna, Andrea, Katie, Avery, Rachel, Fred the therapy dog, Kirk, Jennifer, Josh, Kathy, Seth and Eva.

Communications and Marketing

Cathy, Matt, Harrison Bent and children, Grant, John and children, Shirleen and Boodle, Darlene, Sheri and Ann Marie.

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