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BodyFit FAQs

These six-month and year-long classes are designed to help participants make lasting healthy lifestyle changes
What is the difference between the two BodyFIT care pathways?

BodyFIT Risk Prevention is for people with a BMI of 25 to 29.9, but those with a BMI over 30 are also welcome. This is a year-long course with optional long-term follow-up, led by certified health coaches. It is based on the CDC Diabetes Prevention curriculum.

Medical Weight Management is for people with a BMI of 30 or higher. It is six months long with optional long-term follow-up. It is led by a registered dietitian nutritionist and offers additional medical benefits such as screenings for obstructive sleep apnea, well-being, weight-gain-related medications and physical activity readiness. Your primary care provider will be notified of your participation and progress.

What if the scheduled class times don’t work for my schedule?

Email Asante Health Promotion to explore one-on-one coaching options.

I want to commit to class and try not to miss any sessions. What about vacations? Sick time? Family emergencies?

Attendance is very important to success, which is why we have a make-up process for missed classes.

What if I have a BMI lower than 25 and want to make healthy lifestyle change? Can I attend the classes?

A better fit for you would be one-on-one coaching or other lifestyle change programs available through Regence Empower.

These classes recommend that I exercise and offer me accountability for doing enough, but how much is that?

According to the CDC, 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity activity is recommended. Moderate is where you can still talk during activity, but you can’t sing.

Can I take the risk prevention class if I’ve already been diagnosed with a chronic condition?

Yes! The wellness concepts discussed are beneficial for anyone.

I’ve heard there’s optional long-term follow-up. What does this look like?

Those who complete the BodyFIT programs can opt into a monthly “alumni” support meeting, which are usually on Monday evenings.

Will there be any live, in-person classes in 2021?

No. For simplicity and better access between Josephine and Jackson counties, these will all be WebEx classes. Those who prefer in-person support can use one-on-one coaching.

If I have completed one BodyFIT class, can I take the other one?


What is the one-on-one coaching like?

You’ll get 10 weekly sessions, 30 minutes each, with a certified lifestyle and wellness coach. Sessions can be virtual, by phone or in person, and we can schedule around your work shifts. Reach out to Asante Health Promotion and let them us what you’d like to work on in your wellness journey.

Is there coaching for nutrition only? 

For one-on-one sessions with a registered dietitian nutritionist, ask your primary care provider to complete a referral to Asante Nutrition Services.

Appointments are currently video visits through MyChart and typically last one hour for the first visit and 30 minutes for follow-up visits. The number of visits is up to you and your budget for co-pays. The referral coordinator can estimate your co-pay after the referral is received and before you schedule a visit.

Call Asante Diabetes Care Center and Nutrition Services at (541) 789-5906 to request a referral form sent to your PCP.

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