At Spears Cancer Center, teamwork lifts spirits and promotes wellness

The team from the infusion center find wellbeing in fun and celebration.


SpearsSpearsOver the first year at the Spears Infusion Center there have been multiple ways to benefit from teamwork. We all have unique skills and they all shine here.

We have social activities, parties and decorate for the many holidays. Every week a talented employee decorates our assignment board to add color for fun. We have an elf-on-a-shelf dressed up to represent the celebrated holiday and placed in different locations throughout the center.

Spirit Week is a blast. Staff members dress up to brighten patients’ and employees’ day, and we exchange handmade or homegrown items. These have included custom-made shirts, baskets, plants, farm-fresh eggs, cheese and much more.

For us, wellness is about supporting each other and building a healthy and wholesome culture. This has affected our physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual wellbeing for the better.

We encourage other departments at other facilities to come together as a team and celebrate what works for you. You may feel as good-hearted, cheerful and delighted as we do!

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