Asante wants you to BeWell with webinar series

The COVID shutdown produced some great instructional videos. Asante Health Promotion has compiled them online.

The COVID-19 pandemic upended business as usual and required Asante to rethink how we do things. For Asante Health Promotion, that meant looking for online opportunities to help employees as part of its regular beWell education. The beWell webinars began as a temporary alternative in early April, but soon grew into a full-fledged series resulting in over 60 daily webinars with a 97% satisfaction rating from viewers surveyed.

A library of past recordings is available on myAsanteNET, and select videos have appeared on the public facing for the community to enjoy. Those who don’t have 30 minutes to view any single webinar can access 5-minute readable “cliff notes” to get the gist of each topic.

“A collaborative work group of passionate individuals worked with the Health Promotion team to offer a truly valuable experience to staff,” said Kitty Sallas a health educator who served on the work group. Webinar leaders came from the patient experience team, Human Resources, Asante Physician Partners, behavioral health, nutrition services and more.

The series offered tools, hacks, support and laughs through the COVID-19 pandemic while covering a timeless variety of topics on stress management, nutrition, resilience, sleep, fitness, social well-being, mental health, parenting and many others.

“We’re in awe of the depth and breadth of this project,” Sallas said. “We worried we might annoy staff with self-care reminders, but it didn’t fall flat like that at all!” A combination of feedback from viewers and dedication of the work group kept the noontime live webinars running, relevant and well attended through June.

The incentive opportunity for live-viewing and engaging with the beWell webinar series has passed. However, MyStrength is an online service that gives you resources to improve your mood and overcome challenges and completing activities on MyStrength can earn staff their annual Health Equity incentive.

There are tentative plans to revisit and further the series with new topics in the future. Questions or comments about the 2020 beWell Webinars, or suggested topics for future webinars, can be sent to Asante Health Promotion.

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