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Asante has formed its first systemwide PPE committee

The multidisciplinary group is developing a process for solving PPE problems and addressing concerns.


PPECOVID-19 has forever changed the way we look at personal protective equipment. On Aug. 27, Asante established its first organization-wide PPE committee. This committee is designed to increase transparency and capture trends or concerns around PPE safety.

The committee is chaired by Tania Cheng, ATRMC director of Perioperative Services, and Bruce Simeona, ARRMC manager of Inpatient Rehab. This work includes representatives from both leadership and frontline staff across the health system. The original committee did not include APP, and we are focusing on adding members.

Initial representation includes leadership and frontline members. If you are interested in participating, please contact your leader!

So far, the committee has established a charter and is developing a process for reporting PPE concerns. This reporting form will be posted on myAsanteNET and can be submitted directly to the [email protected] email address.

Current trending issues the group is reviewing are eye protection concerns related to glare and fogging during patient care and concerns about ISO masks.

To learn more about the committee and Asante’s PPE supplies, check out the following links:

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