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Asante employees rescue bees again

For the second time in as many months, a swarm of bees gathered on an Asante campus. Luckily, Asante knows some beekeepers.
Bill and Cara McEnany rescued bees that had collected outside the Medical Plaza Building in Grants Pass.

First there were the bees of Rogue, and then came the bees of Grants Pass. For the second time this spring, employees came to the rescue to preserve a hive on an Asante campus. On May 14, a disturbed hive caused a cloud of bees to swarm near the medical building’s entrance in Grants Pass.

As employees sprinted past, someone from Infusion Services reached out to beekeeper and ATRMC nurse Cara McEnany, who brought her husband, Bill, and some equipment to help relocate the hive.

“We were very fortunate to be able to collect this swarm easily and relocate them to a hive in our apiary,” Cara said. “Unfortunately, less than 25% of swarms survive their first year. By collecting and re-hiving the swarm, survival improves dramatically.”

In April, cardiac nurse Ken Muhlestein relocated bees that had begun swarming at the western entrance of the hospital.

It is common for bees to swarm this time of year due to warmer weather and a rise in the queen bee’s brood production. In short, hot and crowded hives are causing the bees to step outside for some fresh air.

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