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As the surge continues, so does the gratitude

The community and colleagues show their appreciation to Asante health care workers.

When the world felt darkest this past summer, encouragement came. It arrived in cards, on homemade signs and in video testimonials. It appeared at hospitals in the form of snacks and gift cards. When the swell of support seen in the pandemic’s early days seemed to have given way to online debates and street protests, the gratitude still poured in.

Below are just some of the gestures of appreciation to Asante staff members.

A co-worker who became a patient
Dutch Bros

The Grants Pass-based coffee company gave $5 gift cards to every employee at Asante Three Rivers.

A Medford resident

“RRMC nurses, thank you for your commitment and devotion to the grueling, heartbreaking, thankless task you’ve been asked to do. Please know … there are many of us who are grateful and see the toll this daily trauma is taking. Please accept this small token of my deep gratitude.”

ORD2 Indivisible

Every Wednesday, volunteers bring snacks, thank-you notes or flowers to health care workers in Medford through a community campaign called “We Care.”

“We care by wearing masks and getting vaccinated. But we also care about the health of our doctors, nurses and other health care professionals who are working so hard to keep people alive.”
Amanda Kotler to nursing staff
Asante Board of Directors

“We are reaching out to each and every one of you to express our personal gratitude for all you do every day to support Asante and its patients in this time of crisis. We have all been called together to meet the greatest public health crisis Asante has ever faced. We are awed by the professionalism and selfless dedication and sacrifice with which you continue to work on behalf of all the communities and patients we serve. COVID is a huge challenge that effects every patient served by Asante because of the limited resources we have to meet the challenge in front of us.

“As your board members we live, work, and raise our families in the communities Asante serves. We know what effort and teamwork is required for Asante to provide excellent care to our patients. Your continued courageous dedication to our patients during this crisis is a marvelous selfless gift to those patients and the communities you serve. As board members we want you to know you are our heroes of 2020 and 2021.

“Please continue to reach out to your leaders if there is anything you feel will help Asante to meet the challenges before us. Once again THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO EACH DAY. Let’s keep battling the COVID monster until the day comes when we can shake hands, give hugs, give thanks and rejoice in what you accomplished in the toughest of times.”

Thank you!
Doug Schmor, Chair

Salon 7

Hair salons and other retail services have suffered their own setbacks during the pandemic, but that didn’t stop the team from Salon 7 in Medford from looking out for others. Not only have they brought hand-written notes and carloads of snacks for Asante employees, they raised $1,000 for Asante Foundation.

Workspace Team

The small office design company delivered a van full of snacks to ARRMC. Owner Justin Steffens included notes of gratitude from his two children. “Five years ago, they asked me if superheroes are real. I took them to the ARRMC parking lot and pointed at the tower. Thank you.”

The community

Days after people gathered outside of Asante Rogue Regional to protest the governor’s vaccine mandate, another group of citizens gathered on a Sunday evening for a “Simple Silent Thank You.”

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  • As a member of ORD2 I am now the volunteer coordinator for this important project. It makes me feel like I am making a difference to those working through this horrific pandemic. We owe so much gratitude to all those working in the medical field. That includes housekeepers, and support staff. It is because of you our community will get through these trying times. Thank you to all of you.💗. Caren Burgess


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