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ARRMC to open a new unit within the ED

The Clinical Decision Unit will care for lower-acuity patients, easing demand on inpatient units.

ARRMC’s Emergency Department will be opening a Clinical Decision Unit, or CDU, Nov. 16 to continue to care for patients who may need to be hospitalized after initial work-up.

This will lessen the demand for space on inpatient units by keeping lower-acuity patients in the CDU.

The CDU will have eight beds within the Emergency Department and be operated by CDU staff under the direction of ED medical and nursing leadership. It will be a fast-paced environment, where patients are treated and discharged around the clock.

Because of the nature of CDU, inclusion and exclusion criteria have been created to ensure the CDU continues to turnover patient rooms. A typical patient coming to the CDU may be someone with chest pain, cellulitis, mild to moderate asthma exacerbation or dehydration, among other conditions. These patients are likely to be in the hospital for less than 24 hours.

“We believe this model of care will help lower medical costs and length of stay for these patients and create an all-around better patient experience,” said Rob Koning, ARRMC’s ED manager.

ED leadership is in the process of creating new workflows for the department. They are actively hiring RNs and CNAs who are looking for a dynamic work environment and who are interested in being part of a new unit. When the new patient pavilion opens, CDU will begin to transition into the current CVR location.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Rob Koning; Kevin Kelleher, MD; or Eric Jensen, MD.

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