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ARRMC rooms get a thorough spring cleaning

Following record patient volumes, lower census allows the hospital to spiff up its rooms.
ARRMC patient room

The COVID-19 pandemic and recovery have kept rooms full at Asante hospitals for the past three years. Now, with more manageable patient volumes, ARRMC is turning its focus to patient rooms.

Its new “room of excellence” program takes one open room at a time and gives it a facelift. Crews have been busy deep cleaning, stripping and waxing floors, replacing lights, patching and painting walls, repairing broken plumbing and performing other deferred maintenance.

“Over the past three years it has been a challenge getting a patient room open long enough for the 24 to 48 hours needed to complete this work,” said Julie Hale, director of ARRMC Support Services.

The work requires coordination with the Transfer Admit Center, Nursing, Facilities, Environmental Services and Nursing leaders. In one week, teams were able to transform five patient rooms, with more to come. When a room becomes available, TAC contacts Guest Services, then other departments are notified immediately to send staff to begin the transformation process.

“The teamwork has been awesome,” Hale said, “I want to thank our nursing leaders, Amanda Kotler and Staci Sparks, for helping to make this happen.”

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