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Are you prepared for an emergency?

A contest lets you plan for a natural disaster or other emergency and be entered to win prizes!

Just two years ago, a fire swept through our communities and upended the lives of hundreds of Asante employees. In case another disaster strikes, Asante Emergency Preparedness wants all of us to be ready.

To make this process more interesting, the department is holding an emergency preparedness contest with prizes worth $50 to $75, courtesy of Asante Foundation.

Participants must complete the following four readiness activities by Oct. 16 to be eligible for a prize.

Activity 1: Communicate your safety and wellbeing. Communication can be difficult, especially trying to make phone calls within a disaster area. Text messages are smaller and can make it through to an external contact.

  • To complete this challenge: Text (or call) an out-of-state emergency contact. Explain how you plan to ask for help in disasters by being a hub for letting others know you are safe and well. If texting is not something you normally do then calling your contact is acceptable too.

Activity 2: Key documents. Access to key documents is essential to receive help faster and recover more quickly.

  • To complete this challenge: Create an evacuation folder with all your key documents in a secure place.

Activity 3: Evacuation. Knowing the best routes for evacuation are critical for survival. In disasters, these are not always the normal pathways we use every day.

  • To complete this challenge: Review evacuation maps in the left column on the Asante Emergency Preparedness intranet page. Take a different route home from a location you regularly visit (work, school, recreation area, etc.). You can increase your survival muscle memory by being attentive to major landmarks, signs or stores on the new route.

Activity 4: Supplies and resources.

  • To complete this challenge: Assess your supplies based on the American Red Cross “Prepare! Guides,” which can be found on the Asante Emergency Preparedness web page.
    • a. What areas are you doing well in terms of readiness?
    • b. What areas need improvement over the next year as time and resources allow?

To submit your entry, send an email to Asante Emergency Preparedness describing how you completed each of the four activities below before 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 16. Winners will be contacted by emergency preparedness coordinator Scott Clemetson or manager Robin Hanson to select their prizes.


Winners will receive their choice of one emergency preparedness related item from Grainger. Prizes will be assessed by Emergency Preparedness staff for appropriateness, ordered from Grainger and then delivered to the winners. You can win, for example, a Leatherman multitool, LifeStraw water purifier, Brite-strike emergency signal, earthquake safety straps, a preparedness pack, a pack of 50 glowsticks (emergency lighting), first-aid kits, Kent life-jacket and more.

All Asante employees (including remote workers), affiliated providers and staff, volunteers and students are eligible to participate.

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