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Are we prepared for an active shooter?

Recent national events have prompted us to renew training for a worst-case scenario.



With the recent increase in active shooter and code silver events across the country, we have realized that our training to date has been inadequate and sporadic. Staff should be as prepared as possible and feel confident in the role you play should such an event take place on our campuses.

As George Deuchar, a law enforcement training consultant, says: “Chaos, panic and fear can only be minimized — never eliminated — when it is preceded by preparation and planning.”

Leaders from Asante Security, Emergency Preparedness, Employee Safety and Nursing Professional Development are working together to develop a training plan in the event we are faced with an active shooter at any of our three facilities.

To help minimize panic, fear and chaos, we will follow a three-tiered approach for our training:

An Elements module. This will include a “Run, Hide, Fight” video.

Tabletop exercises. Leaders in each department at all three facilities will provide their staff with a learning kit outlining what their unit would do in the event of an actual active shooter or code silver event.

Full-scale exercise. In conjunction with each facility’s local law enforcement agency, we will hold an active shooter/code silver drill. Law enforcement will enter the facility and use fake bullets to take down the active shooter, who will also have fake bullets. This training will take place at all three hospitals sometime in the spring of 2023.

We hope that by providing all staff with a core knowledge of the concepts of “run, hide, fight,” and allowing them to put those concepts into use during the tabletop and full scale exercises, we will all feel better prepared.

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  • Googled George Deuchar and found that in addition to law enforcement consulting he also hunts the Wolfman in his spare time…


  • How will the “Full scale exercise” incorporate trauma informed care so as not to create further stress/trauma to our patients who may already be in crisis and for whom this exercise may cause further emotional trauma? This would apply to staff as well-how will staff be emotionally prepared for before and after if necessary?

    • Stacie,
      Thanks for asking this question. The Active Shooter Committee has discussed this exact concern and we will ensure that we are thoughtful and considerate about informing staff, patients, and visitors in advance. We will be asking leaders to be sensitive to this and to work individually with staff who need support based on past experiences

  • In light of the Alec Baldwin movie accidental death, who is overseeing the “fake bullets” are truly that and not an actual one. Somewhat scary if actual law enforcement is involved who have access to real bullets. I gather employees are not to engage in “the fight scenario” in this exercise. I have trained for 5 years in Krav Maga with gun and knife disarming. I feel the Alec module is wrong in training. One should not “run” right away as you may run right into the situation. One should quickly hide first, access the situation as to where that action may be, then run away from that area. If hiding and the person with the gun walks past me, I will attack him risking my life to save others.

    • Randy,
      It is important that our staff stay safe so that they are available to their patients after the incident.
      Run, hide, fight is not a linear process. We are hoping that by doing department specific tabletop exercises, each unit will discuss and plan for an active shooter threat, keeping in mind the general principles of run, hide, fight.

  • I’m interested in a reply to the above comments.


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