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APP Spotlight Award: Tanya Bresach

The referral coordinator is driven — figuratively and literally — to make sure patients get access to the care they need.


Going above and beyond her normal duties to provide patients with the best experience is a core standard for Tanya Bresach, referral coordinator with the Grants Pass Surgical Group and this month’s recipient of the Spotlight of Excellence award.

During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tanya volunteered to be redeployed to the Contact Center to help patients signup for MyChart. While she faced a challenging commute — over 60 miles each way — she found satisfaction in helping patients and her community during a difficult time.

When she returned to her clinic she found herself short-staffed. Once again, Tanya rose to the occasion, covering extra shifts and making more than 150 calls a day to guarantee patients received a warm touch and were scheduled for an appointment.

Patient access is Tanya’s No. 1 priority. She views herself as an advocate for the patient and frequently partners with clinic staff and providers to work patients in on the schedule.

Tanya’s team appreciates her patience, kindness, and partnership. Her positive, can-do attitude toward delivering high-quality care and timely access is much appreciated.


This award is granted to an APP employee who has improved access to care, quality of care, financial stewardship or Asante’s behavioral standards.

Recipients receive a hand-written card from the division director, a cafeteria gift card and the opportunity to share what they do to contribute to APP’s high standards of care.

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