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APP Spotlight Award: Mickey Slack

When creative thinking improves access to care


Mickey Slack, CCMA, clinic supervisor at Family Medicine, Black Oak, is honored as this month’s Spotlight of Excellence recipient.

Mickey has grown professionally in APP over the years, beginning as a PSR and later expanding her role into CCMA. Coworkers find Mickey’s encouragement, dedication and positive attitude inspiring.

In November, Mickey helped lead a team to provide drive-thru access for influenza vaccinations, an out-of-the-box approach to ensure our community had safe and adequate access for this vital service.

Mickey understands improving access is a cornerstone of good patient care. It helps builds trust, encourages patients to return when they need care and provides an overall good experience for the patient.

Please join me in congratulating and thanking Mickey for all she has done for our patients and APP.


This award is granted to an APP employee who has improved access to care, quality of care, financial stewardship or Asante’s behavioral standards.

Recipients receive a hand-written card from the division director, a cafeteria gift card and the opportunity to share what they do to contribute to APP’s high standards of care.

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