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APP recognizes two staffers with “The Office” spoof

Re-checking blood pressure is a best practice, so to honor high performers, APP presents “The Clinic.”


Not often is something as hilarious as an acclaimed TV series captured on film in one of our clinics. Anyone who loves “The Office” will enjoy this video.

For those who have never seen “The Office,” the show is a mockumentary about office workers at a paper company, where the workday consists of ego clashes, inappropriate behavior, tedium and, through it all, friendship.

“The Office” was the inspiration for a special recognition at Family Medicine in White City to congratulate two CMAs for their diligence with blood pressure re-check rates.

Denise Joseph and Kari Linam have consistently had the highest performance with rechecking elevated blood pressures during visits. “Team Awesome” (as they cleverly call themselves) were humbled and proud to receive Dutch Bros gift cards for their diligence.

Rechecking blood pressure is one of the best ways to control hypertension, a key quality metric for APP. It helps determine when an elevation may be temporary or situational rather than a true pattern of elevated numbers. And it helps providers accurately capture elevated blood pressure patterns in patient charts.

By reliably adhering to this important task, these MAs not only are caring well for patients and providing them peace of mind, they’re helping to reduce the chances of hypertension misdiagnoses.

They credit their provider, John Byers, FNP, for his approachability and communication, which are so important on a care team.

Well done, White City! Well done.

Check out Paul Coombs’ acting chops as the erstwhile Michael Scott and a hilarious cameo by Donald Robertson, DO. Many thanks to Shea Quinn, who produced this video.

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