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Annual VIA: Megan Frost, MD

Known for leading with grace and humility through an unbelievably challenging time, Dr. Frost demonstrates excellence and service at every turn.


When the pandemic hit Southern Oregon and our hospitals stopped doing elective surgeries and other procedures to save on PPE supplies, Asante Physician Partners general surgeon Megan Frost, MD, was tapped to become Asante’s first contact tracing director.

Dr. Frost with Lykos, his first time in a plane.

“We urgently needed a physician with expertise in public health to help manage our Employee Health response,” said Asante Rogue Regional’s vice president of Medical Affairs Courtney Wilson, MD, who nominated Dr. Frost for the VIA award.

Despite the fact that Dr. Frost is a full-time general surgeon, she accepted the new responsibility and has been the cornerstone of Asante’s management of multiple COVID-related crises. “From outbreaks on the units with infected staff, to interfacing with frustrated physicians, the media and the public health departments, Dr. Frost has selflessly given her time to serve the greater good of our organization, our staff and our community,” Dr. Wilson said.

Accepting her award was an emotional experience for Dr. Frost, as she shared why she chose to come to work for Asante in 2013. “I came here because I was proud of our Asante community; it’s what pulled me here. I have really enjoyed working clinically with all my staff. It’s been an honor to work alongside people who show up and work hard every day.

“We’re surrounded by people who are eligible for this award. We have people in Asante who are committed to all the things this award stands for. I’m really humbled because we have thousands of people who are eligible.”

Asante Three Rivers CEO Win Howard recounted a memory of Dr. Frost that exemplifies her compassion. “I’ve had the honor of knowing Dr. Frost for about eight years. One day, I was rounding in the hospital and I see our surgeon playing a game of cards with this little patient. I asked her about it later and she said, ‘this patient just wanted to play a game of cards with me.’ That’s what the patient needed at that point in time.”

For Eric Loeliger, MD, vice president of Medical Affairs at ATRMC, it’s Dr. Frost’s kindness and teamwork that stand out. “I was working the overnight shift in the ED where you’re kind of the lone wolf. Megan was there finishing her residency and she really made an impact. One night, I had hit my limit. A horrible trauma came in the middle of the night — a massive laceration to the head. She came in and did the assessment. She looked at me and saw a person in need. She said, ‘If it’s OK with you, would it be all right if I sewed up this guy’s face?’ She stayed and did an amazing job.”

In her final nomination remarks, Dr. Wilson said, “Truly, we would have been lost without Dr. Frost’s help over the past five months.”


Zoe Abel, RN, AACH

Jini Danis, ARRMC lab

Megan Frost, MD, APP

Amalia Kieley, RN, AACH

Kristi Lambert, RN, ARRMC


Current roles: General surgeon, APP; contract tracing lead, Asante Employee Health

Location: Grants Pass

With Asante: Seven years


Jennifer Susi:

Congratulations, Dr. Frost!

Amanda Kotler:

Thank you so much, Dr. Frost

Amalia Kieley:

Well deserved, Megan. Congratulations

Kristi Blackhurst:

Congratulations, Dr. Frost! I have appreciated working with you during COVID. Thank you for all you do.

Steve Roe, Asante board member:

Thank you for all you do for our patients and our community. You make a difference to others. Congratulations.

Courtney Wilson, MD:

You’ve been a lifesaver, Megan. So grateful for your help and partnership.

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3 Comments. Leave new

  • Samantha Snider
    December 1, 2020 8:56 am

    Dr. Frost very much so deserves this! She is an amazing person!

  • Dr. Frost is amazing and this award is well deserved. This community is so lucky to have such a kind human who does such excellent work as a physician. I enjoy working with Dr. Frost and I am so glad she is part of the Asante team.

  • Caitlin Williams
    December 1, 2020 9:39 am

    Well deserved! Dr. Frost is so smart, patient, and kind to work with. I know she put in many many hours of work to help Asante and our community.


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