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Annual VIA: Kristi Lambert

You can tell she truly enjoys what she does and loves patient care.


Kristi Lambert, RN, was the first person Ellie Franz thought of when she learned about Asante’s annual VIA awards. “Kristi truly is a ‘Jack of all trades’ in her department,” said Franz, a medical interpreter at Asante Rogue Regional. “I often wonder how she juggles it all being the only diabetes nurse navigator and make it look so easy!”

As the sole diabetes nurse navigator for Asante Rogue Regional, Lambert spends countless hours providing admitted patients with diabetes education and resources to get their diabetic medicine and necessities. She also checks on patients after discharge to ensure they’ve got everything they needed.

“Some patients come into the hospital who are dying due to diabetes complications,” Franz said. “Kristi’s dedication, empathy and hard work really does help save their lives.”

As a cultural advocate, Franz says she appreciates watching Lambert work with patients from different cultures to ensure they can enjoy foods they’re used to eating. Franz shared this story when they worked together to help a patient from El Salvador who was admitted for diabetes complications.

“He was in extreme pain for the first few days. Kristi spent time with his wife teaching her about diabetes, how to inject insulin and check blood sugar levels. She went over everything to assist her husband once he was discharged, giving her educational information in Spanish. You could tell by the wife’s body language and facial expressions how much she appreciated Kristi.

Kristi with her husband, Scott, and daughter, Sage.

“When the patient was feeling better, she did the same thing with him, even giving him quizzes that made him smile. She brought in a dietitian to meet with the couple to go over nutrition labels and carbs. The patient is a field worker living in a motel, so Kristi gave them ideas on healthy snacks they can take to work and foods to cook in their small hotel room.

“I watched the patient tear up when he was thanking her. I have never seen anyone show that much dedication and passion. This is just one of many patients she’s done the same for.”

Lambert wasn’t so sure about the news that she’d been selected to receive an annual VIA award. “This was a huge surprise to me. I told Dawn, ‘You have the wrong person,’” Lambert said. “I’m grateful to be a diabetes nurse navigator. This is the most meaningful work I’ve ever done, and I’m honored and privileged to do it.”

Likewise, Asante’s patients and employees are fortunate to have Lambert on their team. “It’s employees like Kristi who make this place such a wonderful place to work and visit as a patient,” Franz said.


Zoe Abel, RN, AACH

Jini Danis, ARRMC lab

Megan Frost, MD, APP

Amalia Kieley, RN, AACH

Kristi Lambert, RN, ARRMC


Current role: Diabetes nurse navigator

Location: ARRMC

With Asante: Four years


Jennifer Susi:

Congratulations, Kristi!


Kristi, thank you for all you do for our patients and our staff. Congrats and well deserved.

Kristi Blackhurst:

Such service to our patients. Amazing. Thank you for all you do, Kristi. Congratulations.

Amalia Kieley:

So well deserved, Kristi! Congratulations.

Win Howard:

Congratulations, Kristi.

Courtney Wilson:

Congratulations, Kristi! Thank you for all you do.

Amanda Kotler:

Thank you, Kristi! You are such an asset to our health system!

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  • Desiree Torassa
    December 15, 2020 9:43 am

    Well deserved! I love when I get the opportunity to work on a project with Kristi 🙂

  • Kristi! I am so proud of you! I miss working with you! You are such an inspiration and no one deserves this more than you!

  • I am honored to work with Kristi everyday. She brings a positive and caring attitude and shares it with everyone she meets. Her knowledge and professionalism are a great example of the Asante values. Thank you Kristi!


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